postheadericon The Importance of Professional Site Clearance

Have you ever tried to work on a crowded table? How about typing at your computer with a bouquet of flowers in front of your screen? A crowded work space is never conducive to productive work, especially in the case of construction work. This can even be a serious health and safety hazard. That is why professional site clearance is paramount.


First and foremost on any construction site is safety. Health and safety regulations exist to protect work crews, the public and the environment, and non-compliance could result in you losing money to fines and down-time. So, the safety of your business is at stake as well.

If unnecessary dirt is left lying around, it can obstruct hazards from view for the work crew. This can lead to severe injuries as well as serious damage to property and machinery. In the same vein, members of the public walking by, especially inquisitive children, might come into contact with dangerous debris and waste such as glass or chemicals, so these need to be contained and disposed of properly by professionals who know how it should be done. Plant hire in the form of tipper trucks and front end loaders is often enough to cover you on this front, and any good site clearance company will have these on hand to help you.


Just like in the example of a bouquet of flowers blocking the computer screen, excess debris also gets in the way of getting the job done. Beyond the safety risks posed to the work crew, they cannot work through and inside of rubble. So get some extractors in to remove excess soil, and front end loaders to load up excess rubble and haul it out of the way. This way your crew can work more efficiently and safely, saving you both time and money.

Save money

This is a big one, as the whole purpose of a business is to make money. One of the largest expenses in construction is the acquisition of raw materials, but with proper site clearance and plant hire you can turn this around. Get a site clearance company with qualified and experienced crusher operators to crush any rock and stone being cleared from your site to produce recycled aggregate for future foundations and stones for mixing into cement. These are major costs that can easily be alleviated this way. Also on the topic of recycled material, with your site being effectively cleared you can identify any wood or other materials which could be repurposed to suit other needs on the site.

Get a professional site clearance company to help you save time, money and – potentially – lives today! It’s the responsible thing to do.

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